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sales doubled by a streamlined online experience

"I have been impressed with the technical capability demonstrated by the Emphie team and with the professionalism by which they have approached their work with us."

Nik - Platform Engineering Director

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Publishing, Academic
Company size
Enterprise, 3000+ employees worldwide
JavaScript, Node.js, Nuxt.js, Bootstrap, Varnish, Docker, Kubernetes

About the Client

A major academic publishing house

Our client is one of the world’s oldest academic publishing houses. It is a leading publisher of educational and academic materials as well as a global provider of educational assessment services.

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The Challenge

Going digital with a vast catalogue

As owners of a vast catalogue of academic books, journals, and other educational material, our Client was striving to establish an effective online channel to sell their products in digital form.

Early attempts at rolling out the online store proved that making it convenient and functional was not an easy feat. There was a strong impression that sales would increase if the store experience was improved.

The Solution

An effective sales experience for digital content

Along with our partners at Future Processing, we went on to implement the redesigned online store from the ground up.

The website layout and design was enhanced for a smoother experience. We implemented previews and extracts for books, journals and articles that allow buyers to get a feeling of the content before making a purchase.

The site functionality was rounded with accompanying back-end services as well as management and administration interfaces.

Node.js Node.js
Nuxt Nuxt
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Varnish Varnish
Docker Docker
Kubernetes Kubernetes
TypeScript TypeScript


2x Sales

Thanks to UI and UX improvements

That make it quick and easy to discover and access content
0.5x Costs

For solution infrastructure

Thanks to a performant backend implementation

Students in UK alone

With disabilities can use the platform after vast accessibility improvements

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