Selected projects

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European Pairs Blitz Chess Championship
an accompanying event as part of the European Games Krakow-Malopolska 2023
Eight countries competing in royal game
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Art secured by Blockchain
Cutting edge innovation for traditional art
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a powerful interactive 3D visualization for data science
Open source library for Python
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leading in dental supplies, thanks to tailor-made software
A web-based mobile app for sales representatives
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Publishing House
sales doubled by a streamlined online experience
E-commerce website for academic publications
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Chess Grow
improves playing skills of players at all levels
The online platform for learning chess
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Distraction detection system for more effective chess training
Machine learning in chess education
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SkyTech Research
trailers, sensors and the platform to rule them all
Transportation, Logistics
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brings security and privacy to millions of users
Top rated two factor authentication app
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The banking app
Entrusting wealth, empowering with technology
Entrusting wealth, empowering with technology
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A 3D office
to make remote work feel real
An interactive multiuser 3D web environment
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ABC Chess Book
igniting the passion for chess
Interactive chess adventure for kids
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Chatka - inspiring place
Educational Centre brought back to Community awerness
An inspiring place with various classes